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ezFlicks Fully Automated Video Website Script

ezFlicks is a new PHP script that creates a website displaying YouTube videos from a predefined list of keywords, playlists, YouTube users and other feeds.

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ezUrls RSS Headlines Aggregator Script

ezUrls is a new PHP script aggregating headlines from various RSS feeds and displaying them in a neat way.

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Free Scripts

Image Resizing Script

Offer your users an ability to resize their avatars, signatures etc. online. Great as an extension to your forum or as a stand-alone money maker.


Image Hosting Script

Just upload it to your web hosting server and you have your own image hosting site, just like ImageShack and TinyPic. AdSense support built-in.


Our free Scripts License

You are free to use (download and install it on your server) the free scripts offered here under the condition that you keep the link to this site. You may not redistribute (give away, sell, etc.) any of these scripts without permission. If you want to share them with your friends, give them a link to this site.

If you don't want to keep the required link to this site, you can email us to buy a license to remove it.

This license does not apply to paid scripts.

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