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"There’s a joke that no good Web 2.0 service has come of age until there’s a script available to clone it. Digg has Pligg, Popurls has ezUrls (both predated AllTop) and now Twitter has ReVou."

- Duncan Riley at TechCrunch

ezUrls is a new PHP script aggregating headlines from various RSS feeds and displaying them in a neat way.

The script requires no database. It has built-in support for caching features and AdSense. This lets you earn revenue by simply entering your AdSense ID.

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ezUrls costs $25 (or just $49 for unlimited use).

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What is required for ezUrls to run?
A simple webhosting plan with support for a recent version of PHP (4.2+ is recommended) that allows script to open external URLs.
What if I don't like it?
If you're not satisfied and agree not to use ezUrls any more, we will refund the full price. It's really not a problem. ;)
Is ezUrls easy to change?
Yes, it is! ezUrls is configured with a single PHP file and the URLs of feeds are stored in a simple text file. Furthermore, it uses a common template engine (Smarty) which makes it easy to change the appearance of the website. ezUrls is styled exclusively with CSS.
Do I need to set up a cron job or anything?
No, setting up a cron job is not necessary. The script will update itself automatically and caches feeds for fast performance.
How is ezUrls delivered to me?
You will be contacted by email within 48 hours of your purchase. This email message will contain the script file as an attachment. If you don't receive this email, please contact us.
I have another question.
No problem, just email me.

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